What is Physiotherapy?

Effective injury recovery in Cobham

At Cobham and Weybridge Physio, we can treat many musculoskeletal conditions using physiotherapy treatments, which will also help in maintaining your well-being. 

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a science based healthcare profession concerned with human function, movement and maximising potential. Physiotherapists are experts in analysis of posture and movement and are trained to diagnose problems in the joints and soft tissues. We look at the whole person taking into account previous medical history, work and lifestyle, before making a diagnosis and devising a treatment programme that is tailored to your needs in Weybridge.
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Relieving your pain

Relieving your pain

Our team is committed to continuous professional development and provide the best treatment with an aim to return you to full function or to your chosen sporting activity. We will also give you the right advice to prevent recurrence of your problems.

If you’re an athlete, you deserve something unique to be in top shape especially after an injury. We can help you with our effective sports medicine.  
Effective injury recovery

Physiotherapy can help treat

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Spinal injuries
  • Frozen shoulder (blade rotation)
  • Pulled / torn muscles
  • Tendon injuries (Achilles tendon, groin strains)
  • Sports injuries
  • Common sprains
Do you need expert help with injury recovery in Cobham or Weybridge? Choose Cobham and Weybridge Physio for a wide range of treatments.

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